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. >> reporter: now again just to show you the road has been closed here behind us from pa low ma to claire don that is in front of us. rock way beach is also closed. as we have learned from san mateo county emergency management office there is a voluntary evacuation order in place for anything along highway 1. of course as soon as we get more information from the police department we will bring that to you. reporting live from pacifica this morning jade hernandez. >>> i want to check in on impact from travel. a lot of people are starting their spring breaks. getting going in hawaii. airports are closing. mike joins us now. caller: good morning, pam. >> what can you tell us about the flights effected here and in and out of hawaii. we have a lot of flights going to and from hawaii. caller: the last i heard this is a couple hours ago honolulu international was still open. but for hawaii flights we had several cancellations. united flights from san francisco has been canceled. the flight that took off yesterday was devoted to tay koa that air force. it took off before the earthquake. it will be he
people are stranded in their homes. >>> good morning, thank you for joining us on this tuesday march 22nd i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. here is steve. >> we do have cloudy skies. light rain showers around. nothing too heavy right now. it is a sign of things to come for later on. just hit and miss like take a little paint brush and flicking it there. you can see a couple showers there on the caldecott tunnel. skyline and also toward m rain county. the rain and wind will pick up. look for a cloudy to mostly cloudy stayday. here is sal. >>> right now traffic looks good on westbound 92 heading out to the high-rise. see the live picture of the san mateo bridge it looks pretty nice. and this mornings drive looks okay on highway 101. a complete traffic update is ahead. let's go back to the desk. >>> overnight japan had its strongest after shocks in more than a week. it was a magnitude 6.6 quake that hit the east coast just after 3:00 p.m. local time japan. it was located 182 miles off the coast of sendai. two hours later a 6.4 quake hit further south. 30 m
joins us now with the increased security presence at the station and how commuters are reacting this morning. jade. >> reporter: that is right. the first outbound train rolled through here 20 minutes ago. we spoke to two different riders. one had heard about the attack, the other had not. both said they would like to see a little more police presence out here. >> it would be nice to see a little if not every day that might be unreasonable. now and then a drive by or somebody here at random times to keep people on theretos. >> it's dark in the morning when i come. but i do wear a whistle on my arm just in case. just for animals. there is a lot of raccoons in the morning too. it's for protection. >> reporter: san mateo county transit police say they have amped up their patrols. we have been out here since 4:00 this morning and we have not seen any patrols at all. what is astonishing 9-15 attacked and robbed and beat the man for what he had on him. that's why we are out here this morning. investigators want to get the word out. despite leads they still need more information to clos
. the morning news continues. >>> good morning and thank you for joining us. thursday, march south. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. >> let's check weather and traffic. >> thank you very much. >>> we have mostly clear skies right now. but clouds are increase manage the north bay. rain is on the way there. is not a whopper of a system. but highs 50s 60s. there will be morning sun, peninsula, south bay and east bay. clouds rolling in, rain starts mid morning and by late this afternoon, should make it points south. but it will weaken considerably. >>> all right. we have live above 101 in san mateo where chopper 2 has just arrived on scene there. is 1501 just south. and officials say a car was speeding and slammed into the sound wall. you can see all of the emergency crews onscene there. there's a yellow tarp and that is the body. at least two cars involved and a motorcyclist down. two lanes are blocked. looks like possibly three. the coroner should be arriving momentarily. and this could spell disaster for the morning commute. investigators are on scene and these lane closiers will most likely stay
. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. let's check in with steve paulson. how does the weather look today? >>> good morning, pamela, dave, clear skies. patch or two of fog, some clouds to the north but over us right now clear and cold. 30s showing up. something we haven't seen for a while. sunshine for a while and then partly cloudy skies. if you're northward there are a few showers starting to move through. we'll talk about that plus a big change in our weather for friday. now sal with an update on traffic. >>> steve, right now on westbound 24 looks pretty good getting up to oakland. there are no major issues and the roads are dry in case you're just joining us the commute is much improved from what it has been during the week because of the dry roads. looking now at a picture of interstate 880 this live look near the oakland airport if you're trying to catch a flight right now the roads are clear on the way there. 6:01. back to dave and pam. >>> well, in japan they have now suspended helicopters that were dumping sea water on the earthquake damag
for flooding and trouble spots for us this morning. sal is watching for any problems in the commute. but first let's go to meteorologist steve paulson for the very latest on the storm. >>> pam and dave, thank you. we have this system roaring through right now. but the good news is it looks like rain rates are decreasing rapidly behind it. but not before we had moderate to heavy rain turn showery in nature and colder unstable air begins to move in. as long as that low's sitting there it will funnel in more rain. looks like on the backside lake port starting to see a decrease in the rain. that's good news. already at monitor stage is clear lake. especially at lake port and clear lake oaks expected to go above flood stage on thursday evening. north bay just in line from st. helena to napa drier air is moving in especially into sonoma county and marin county. another strong system is starting to light up the radar. look at fairfield. that is heavy duty rain. back over towards bethel island, concord, danville, livermore, south bay, santa cruz mountains and morgan hill to wattsonville decrease turni
for us again. this is breaking news. we understand that this is possibly a refinery fire and that it is in newark near cherry. we do have a crew on the way. >> the crew is on the scene. sal, i know you're picking up more information about this don't you? >>> yeah. you know this smoke will be visible from highway 84 and possibly from highway 880. you'll also notice if you live in newark there's a big response. a lot of times people do get worried when they hear the sirens heading down to this part of town in newark. so it's going to be plainly obvious that something is going on in newark. and, again, since it's dark traffic will not be able to see the smoke. this was reported just a while ago. and the firefighters are on the scene. evergreen oil is the same facility that a little while back al gore visited you remember when he came to the bay area and was there for a press event. a lot of people know this is on smith avenue in newark. and right now we're not getting through to the phone obviously they're not picking up the phone. so we're trying to find out more informatio
is back on track after am serious accident in the east bay and ktvu allie rasmus tells us about the important announcement that came a few hours ago. >> that is right. bart service is back to normal here at the concord station. trains are leaving this concord station from san francisco without any problems. some of the passengers here say they have noticed the train being a few minutes delayed. right now you can see people waiting for the next train. we watched the first train pull in here around 4:15 this morning. more or less on time. since then there have been several other trains go through. that was not the case yesterday. yesterday's service on this line came to a complete standstill. at 9:20 yesterday morning is a parking lot train derailed at the concord -- a bart train derailed at the concord station. bart officials are still investigating why this derailment happened and according to a recording we listened to from barts chief spokesman they will not have another update until much later this afternoon. but repair crews worked all day yesterday and throughout the night
's all ahead on the ktvu morning news. >>> good morning, thank you for joining us it's wednesday march 16th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. here is steve. >> thank you very much. about an inch to two inches plus in the north bay yesterday. what is left now is a lot of cloud cover. highs today will be cooler. we have upper 50s and low 60s. about another half hour we will have cloudy skies. expect cooler temperatures today and we will talk about the upcoming weekend. here is sal. >>> steve, on the roads it's a little bit wet. as you mixed the south -- as you mentioned the south bay is not getting much rain. it is pretty quiet there. on the sunol grade we have people that is slowing down. let's go back to the desk. >>> thank you. in japan there is an increasingly desperate effort to prevent a meltdown at a power plant. helicopters are flying in. they are dumping water on the nuclear reactors to cool them down. up to 70% of the plants fuel rods may have been damaged. special testing centers are now set up near the plant. they are testing people for p
criminals are using glue to steal money at the atm. ktvu's jade hernandez is in the city right now to tell us what police say you can do to protect your money. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. thieves are targeting atm users when customers put in their key cards. they're actually using glue guns to mess with the buttons at the bottom of the pad. see this enter, clear and cancel? thieves are using glue guns to stick those buttons down when a customer comes in. and then the customer can't finish the process because those keys get stuck. the customer goes inside the bank for help leaving their card outside or information still up on the screen. that's when thieves step in. a local paper reports the richmond station police captain here in san francisco says january -- since january there have been four of these types of thefts in the richmond district. thieves are using those glue guns to stick the buttons down. and this method is less risky because it's not violent and the penalty for getting caught is a misdemeanor. the other problem a bank customer might not notice the theft f
. the former giants baseball star is accused of perjury lying under oath whether he used steroids in his nearly 15 yearlong career. the trial starts nearly eight years after bonds legal troubles began. back in 2003 is when he first denied under oath ever knowingly using steroids. four years after that he was indicted for lying under oath. earlier this year bonds' attorneys felt confident that he would be acquitted and he would not accept a plea deal. >> mr. bonds will not plead guilty to anything? >> well, mr. bonds will decide what mr. bonds does. but i believe as i have told you from day one we will have a trial. >> reporter: right now you are looking at video from the inside of the courtroom where this trial will happen. it's on the 19th floor of the federal building. 15 perspective jurors will with in the building this morning. that selection process is supposed to be open to the media and the public. we will be able to listen in and hear what types of questions attorneys for both sides ask the perspective jurors. we are told if there is time, opening statements in this case could start thi
of questions on the morning news. >>> good morning, thank you for joining us on tuesday march 8th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. >> we do have low clouds, fog, and drizzle. it won't last too long. we will have mostly sunny skies and sunshine later on today across the board. that means temperatures warming up from thely 50s to low and mid 60s. here is tara. >>> all right here is a look at 280 at the 880 interchange. traffic is flowing just fine. up next we have a look at 680 at the sunol grade. traffic is also flowing well there. no problems to report. 6:00 let's head back to the desk. >>> resident in the north berkeley woke up and waking up to a very heavy police presence in their neighborhood. kraig debro is live out there now with details about what a swat team was doing out there. >> reporter: good morning, dave. the alameda county coroners van arrived on scene three minutes ago. both of those vehicles are on marin. this is a intersection of marin and alameda. this ended around 4:20 this morning. it began around 7:30 last night. >> we responded to
. the morning news continues. >>> good morning, thank you for joining us it's wednesday march 30th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. here is steve. >> thank you very much. we do have partly cloudy skies over. higher clouds. and low and behold coastal fog has decided to show up as well. 60s by the coast. upper 60s to mid 70s around the bay. it will be mostly sunny and warmer. still there is a westerly wind at sfo. i'm not going too high too fast. we will go for a few low 80s. here is sal. >> task is move -- traffic is moving well along the bay area. 237 at 880 it doesn't stay this way for long. also a look at 280 northbound in san jose. getting up to highway 17 finds it nice and clear. it's 6:01 let's go back to dave and pam. >>> those days of heavy rain effecting a south bay neighborhood. ktvu kraig debro is in santa clara county right now. >> reporter: first of all for accuracy sake this does come up to san jose now. as i was telling you a half hour before what the weather did to the land take a look at this down here. it looks like an earthquake went throug
morning to you. welcome to friday. it's march 25th. i'm dave clark. >> thank you for joining us this morning. steve, a lot of wind and rain overnight once again. >> well, quieter, but still off and on rain. and some will be brief and heavy. but today more showery in nature and not the system we had yesterday which was just rain and wind constantly for hours. however, it will give us the possibility of severe weather. there's a line forming, a couple lines forming. and in the north bay, a little bit of rain starting to fall. picking up slightly towards the east bay as well. there's a line that's been there for a while. now it's just south, but highway 4 back towards oakland and then in the richmond bridge, now stretching back over toward the bay bridge and golden gate, we have rain there. and then down to the south bay from boulder creek over highway 17 and also 101. >>> right now, traffic on 280 is getting busy as you pass highway 17. but it's not really that bad. and i think what happens on fridays is especially with the storms we have been having, we're hoping that people will
, thank you for waking up with us it's friday march 18th i'm pam cook. >> it's friday i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. here is steve. >>> thank you very much. it's windy. there have been pockets of moderate to heavy rain. some of the cells coming over and waiting for this ban to come by. there has been pretty heavy rainiest specially down toward marin county. look at it right there. also wind and rain but for other areas we are seeing a break but there is pretty good rain on the peninsula. let's go down there on the line that stretches from half-moon bay and over toward hayward and fremont. here is sal. >>> that is right. we are looking at some of the wet roads throughout the bay area. it's not as welt as we mentioned in the south bay. it might get there. we are watching it all for you. this is a look at 680 and fremont. we will give you another traffic update in a few minutes. now let's go back to the desk. >>> all right sal. time now 6:01. japan increased the alert from a level four to level five on a scale of seven. the level five puts the japanese nuclear incident at t
in the bay area. she joins us via skype. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. it's 10:00 at night here. i just got back to the hotel. we were out kind of going to different parts of tokyo and talking to people about what they're thinking, what they're feeling. and one of the things that i definitely noticed was not many lights on. everybody trying to conserve power. that's because of that power plant and the nuclear crisis we've been seeing. the other thing is there were small levels of radiation detected in the areas near tokyo today. so that was something which is very much at the forefront of everybody's minds. we are more than00-kilometers away from where it is and the nuclear power plants and still they were finding small levels of radiation here. definitely it's a fluid and changing situation and somewhat tense. >> we've heard and steve paulson has confirmed that there the winds seem to be moving in the direction of tokyo which is probably why some of those concerns heightened this morning. what are you hearing about thewetter and how it could effect that radiation? >> repor
. how much warmer? >>> good morning, thank you for waking up with us it's monday, march 28th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. here is steve. >> thank you very much. we have a big difference in morning lows 30s to 50s with patchy fog or low clouds. once that one burns off, it will -- once that burns off it will be warmer. mid 60s i think the news that many are looking for will be later in the week. here is sal. >>> highway 4 looks good coming up to the willow pass grade no, ma'am major problems getting up to the grade. that traffic looks okay. this is a look at the east shore freeway. it's looking pretty good here heading west. let's go back to the desk. >>> time now 6:00. it could be the most explosive testimony yet in the barry bonds' perjury trial. this morning his former mistress is due to take the witness stand. allie rasmus is joining us live. she is outside the courthouse. good morning, ally. >> reporter: she is expected to talk in detail about her relationship with home run king barry bonds. a relationship that lasted several years. bonds i
of business for now because of the heavy fire and smoke and water damage. >> reporter: fire officials tell us there is a total of $200,000 in damage here. firefighters tried to contact the owner of the restaurant. they called all the phone numbers but they have been unsuccessful in contacting him. so it's probably going to be a very unpleasant surprise to him when he drives up here -- he orache drives up here this morning and takes a look. the doors will be chained up. there will be boards up here probably within the next half an hour. not going to be very happy at all with this. reporting live from san jose, ktvu channel 2. >>> police have arrested a man they say gained access to an underground cal trans tunnel at the bay bridge toll plaza. chp says he was arrested about 8:00 last night following a routine traffic stop. but when officers asked the man to get out of his car, he apparently dropped a semi- automatic gun and ran towards a toll booth. then he ran into a tunnel used to enter the cal trans administration building. the building was surrounded and the man was found hiding under a for
. almost similar to yesterday. look at the dome of high pressure. that's at every over us right now. it will start moving and get kicked out of here by friday. friday night and saturday. but today sunshine and warm weather. in fact, good 15 to 20 degrees above normal for this time of year which is about 63 to 70. records are likely. easterly breeze or northerly breeze. some 70s, upper 70s and low 80s. san francisco at 60 if that easterly breeze continues well past noon they'll be warmer than 80. i think we'll start to see a bit of a change after about the noon hour. still not before a lot of 80s settle in and record highs are likely. mostly sunny on friday but not as warm as we see an increase in some of that coastal fog. and then saturday cooler. system slices through that time will give us clouds, breezy conditions. take that into sunday. but monday looks warmer again. >>> all right. steve, thank you. time now 6:10. this morning a 14-year-old boy, an at risk child, still missing after union city police searched for him all night. ktvu's tara moriarty live with more on the details
targeted the corporation on warm springs boulevard. ktvu's kraig debro joining us live now. kraig, i think you've got a pretty good idea how those robbers may have gotten in there. good morning. >> reporter: yeah, dave. in fact i just confirmed it with police but i wanted to show you how we stumbled upon it i guess you could say. the company located in south fremont. if you're looking for the building there's no way you can tell how the robbers got in. we went to the back and saw the adjacent property and saw the yellow police tape. the back of the company is right here. so also a privacy hedge. we walked along the privacy hemming we saw there was a hole right here between the two properties. and when i got down here i noticed there was a hole in this fence here. and if you look very closely you can see there's some shiny metal sticking out from where the fence was cut here. in addition to that you can see some branches that were ripped off, not cut but ripped off. so just a few momentsing a police confirmed what we suspected. and that is the robbers got in to the property through this hol
' steroid use was "out of hand" as that perjury trial intensifies. it's all ahead on the ktvu morning news. >>> good morning to you. welcome to a brand new day, thursday march 24th. i'm dave clark. >>> good morning. i'm pam cook. we have weather and traffic topping our news this morning. and we have live team coverage. we have jade hernandez out checking for flooding and trouble spots this morning. sal is watching the commute. but first let's check in with meteorologist steve paulson with the very latest on the storm. steve. >>> all right, pam, dave, thank you very much. already the rain's begun in parts of the north bay also down to about sfo. this is going to be a rather potent system here as it begins to slam in. it has a lot going for it. cold air and not only that but also really strong jet stream which will continue to enhance. wide shot shows really the heavier rain is off the coast. but the steadier light rain is beginning to move in. santa rosa's reporting some into marin county starting to pick up as well. especially over towards right around san raphael and that area starting to
to take us seriously. >> all of the protesters were cited for press passing. university officials say 26 classes were cancelled yesterday. >>> if you think leaving behind change or dollars is all right, it really entices thieves and that's exactly what happened right here in the centerville train depot parking lot last night. >> usually there's one but driving around yesterday there were 30, 40. it feels amazing after work just the amount of class in the parking lot. >> reporter: we know the calls came pouring in yesterday morning. officers realized the target was whatever was left inside the cars parked here most likely loose change. put your valuables outside and that includes the change in your cup holders. >>> ktvu has obtained video of another drug bust in san francisco. the latest tape was taken new year's eve. they kick in the door. they arrested a 28-year-old suspect. two of the officers you see in this tape have already been named in the misconduct investigation. there's new legal questions in this case. >> it appears it was as if they lawfully seized the items. >> prosecutors d
happens. we do see a little lower opening we will check in with in a moment. >> thank you for joining us here on the ktvu morning news wednesday, march 2nd i'm dave clark. >> own i'm partly cloudy -- and i'm pam cook. >>> it could take up to two months to find out what killed a san francisco man at a lake tahoe ski resort. he was snow boarding at north star at tahoe on sunday when he became separated from his friend. now his body was later found in a tree well. investigators say it's still not clear if he crashed into the tree or suffocated after hitting a snow bank. >>> parents in san francisco are bracing for the worst after more than 400 pink slips were handed out by the school board. >> it's a travesty. it's a shame we have to go through this. it's a shame we have to deal with this. it's our kids that suffer. >> layoff notices go around this time of year as a precaution. 172 teachers along with teachers aids and administrators got them this time around. >>> well while san francisco schools brace for cuts, school board members may see a pay increase. last night the board of supervisor
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23